Update Your RV Interior Lighting With Best RV Lights and Trendy Fixtures

The thrill and joy of RV living amplify when your interior lights put you in a comfort zone, giving you a feel of home away from home. However, light is also important from a safety …

RV Interior lights
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The thrill and joy of RV living amplify when your interior lights put you in a comfort zone, giving you a feel of home away from home. However, light is also important from a safety and security viewpoint too. Here we look at the processes of a lighting makeover to your rig, including RV light fixtures, by combining space management, aesthetics, and cost efficiency for installing new lights that offer longer life spans, unlike halogen or fluorescent counterparts. The aim is to get vivid and sustainable illumination inside your rig.

Main Reasons Why You May Want To Update RV Lights

When campers find the motor home’s lighting inside is not in tune with the times and ambiance, updating your RV interior lights becomes a natural choice. The upgrading is all the more necessary in the case of RVs that have pre-installed incandescent or fluorescent lights that are not great-quality products.

RV interior Lights

In upgrading to new interior light in your RV, the abiding criteria must be features such as durability, lasting power, bulb wattage, anti-corrosion property, and heat resistance. Of course, some of these also apply to selecting RV light fixtures.

Important Point on Updating RV Interior Lights

RVs come in various sizes, and floor space dimensions and the choice of light depends on how much light you need for the RV interior. Also, other areas where you need to install the lights. Make sure you are selecting durable interior RV lights that last long, plus well fixtures that suit your personal style and add to the aesthetics of the rig. Ease of installation comes when you are selecting RV lights that are of the same size and type as the existing ones.

Main Types of Lights in RVs

There are mainly two types of RV lights, 12v lights running on batteries and 120v lights similar to the lights at your home but work with generators or into onshore power. To update RV interior light fixtures, you can use any fixture as long as the correct light bulb is provided. For example, if you have a 120v light, go for any fixture, and the same goes for 12v lights. This also gives an opportunity to splash decorative RV interior lights too.

Follow a Systematic Approach

Before we move step by step to the top, do away with the boring stock lighting in your RV that is short on style and more glaring as industrial lights, the old-fashioned bulbs that are energy guzzlers need an overthrow. This is the era of affordable LED lights that are energy savers and can be run with manageable costs. Even if you are stationed in an area overwhelmed by utter darkness, you have to be secure inside, with internal lights blazing ever stronger.

When buying RV lights, consider parameters such as color temperature, lumen, voltage, wattage, and lifespan. Once you have identified specific bulbs to change, think of suitable RV light fixtures that are aesthetic and easy to install.

Shortlist the Lights You Want to Change in Your RV

An instant updating of all light fixtures in your RV will not be practical from a cost and a timeline point of view. At least there will be dozen RV lights calling for timely changes. The way to go is to categorize all RV lights and light fixtures into various groups and start replacing them on a priority basis with urgency going to those lights hog your constant attention. An example can be your bed lighting that comes within eye level; change it fast because you constantly notice it.

Find out what type of lighting your RV has been using. Is it 120V or 12V lighting? The 120 V bulbs will resemble your home lighting. The 12V lights can be run on batteries, and most RV models have plenty of this type of lighting.

RV Dimmable Ceiling Dome Light

Investing in top-quality RV lights and RV light fixtures, even at a higher price, will give you a long-term advantage over having poor-quality lights to save a few bucks. The bulb is of utmost importance in any light, interior or exterior. The perfect bulb will provide the best illumination, which is what you need when looking to update your RV interior lighting.

Why You Must Choose LED Lights for RV

LED lights produce bright, rich light without consuming a lot of power. It will be an excellent option for your RV as the gains are long-term and will last much longer than the average incandescent light bulb.LED or Light Emitting diodes have been around for many decades. Apart from the energy-saving quality and excellent performance plus they emit zero heat and are safer than traditional bulbs to handle.

RV Puck lights

LED lights last at least 60,000 hours for at least 7 years; you can rely on them for constant light, in contrast to incandescent bulbs that die after 2000 hours and halogen bulbs within 1000 hours.

Ceiling Lights and Strip Lights

Now, look at the properties of various lights and the best RV light fixtures. Ceiling lights and dome lights appear submerged with the ceiling and are less noticeable. Therefore, it need not be on the high-priority list. But if you feel disturbed by the bulbous dome lights’lenses, changing them makes sense.

One best option is to replace with 6-inch recessed LED lights and select warm or cool white lights offering control over the temperature of the light in your RV. In addition, LED bulbs provide quick heat dissipation thanks to the aluminum case.

Say Goodbye To Old Fashioned RV Light Fixtures

Never settle for the old lighting fixtures. These days LED strip lights ensure the best lighting in small spaces replacing bulky fixtures that used to house them. Strip lights are the best in your bathroom or kitchen area, where a good amount of light is always needed. You have the liberty to custom-fit strip lights in your RV. One way is to procure a roll of 16.4 feet and then slice them to the needed size. The 12V lights can go with almost any type of RV.

Puck Lights Offer Efficient Lighting

Small puck lights are a powerful punch. Depending on the needy areas, you can buy light about 45 to 120-degree beams for a broader swath of light. Puck lights look tiny but are perfect for RVs. You can also string together puck lights with a common switch to make an impactful lighting effect.

Customized lights suiting specific areas are also best for updating lighting and RV light fixtures,such as the under cabinet or dinette lights in your RV.

RV Strip Lighting

Where to Source Your Lights and RV Fixtures

Shopping for RV lights will look overwhelming, for too many options and styles tempt you. Instead, think more about the interior RV lights you want to swap in your RV and the precise changes you wish to enjoy. Is it a mere change in the RV light fixture or a replacement of the light bulbs with LED lights?

Next comes procuring the best brands for various lights. Here we mention some routinely heard brands, although your brand choices can be unlimited. You can also source these lights online from Amazon.com.


Type of Light

Remarks, Properties


RV Double Dome



RV Dome Light



RV Ceiling Lights



RV Interior Lights



RV Porch Lights



RV Recessed Ceiling Light



PV Pancake Dome Light



RV Single Dome Light



RV Puck Light



RV Ceiling Double Dome


Dream Lighting

Dome light fixture

Compact and sleek


Interior LED Light Bar




How Color Matters in RV Lighting Experience

As for the color you choose for interior, or exterior light, generally, yellow lights are favored because they are mild on the eyes, and there is no harsh glare. In addition, the different light colors, such as natural light, cool light, and warm light, enhance the illumination inside your vehicle.

RV accent Lights

Natural light is a kind of light that looks like sunlight. Warm lighting has softer hues with subtle undertones of yellow light effect. Cool light appears white and is the brightest. You can choose either a single option or a combination of all three. The round-up has thrown ample light to help you boost up the RV interior lighting and RV fixtures in line with the emerging trends of fashion, convenience, and cost advantage.

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