Is a RV Carport Worth It?

If you are a big fan of road trips, owning an RV (recreational vehicle) camping van is a great choice. There are several benefits, like having the freedom to travel anywhere, being comfortable during your …

Is a Rv Carport Worth It?
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If you are a big fan of road trips, owning an RV (recreational vehicle) camping van is a great choice. There are several benefits, like having the freedom to travel anywhere, being comfortable during your travels, unnecessary expenses for stay can be avoided, having a place to cook and rest, saving money by cutting down rent and eating out expenses, etc.

But RVs are big vehicles requiring a lot of maintenance from your side. One big question is where to park the vehicle. In recent times, RV carports have gained popularity for their usefulness. If you are also curious about RV carports, read on to learn some cheap RV carport ideas!

What is an RV Carport?

What is an RV Carport?

This is essentially a covered place for you to park your vehicles in. It is usually made of steel and is an open space structure where you can park your RV. They will have steel frames with a roof, may or may not have side walls, and will help your vehicle be protected from difficult weather conditions like snow, rain, extreme heat, etc.

They are a good investment to ensure the durability of your mobile home. In addition, you can easily modify them according to your vehicle’s dimensions and accommodate the local regulations in your locality.

Pros of Having an RV Carport

Pros of Having an RV Carport

1. All-Round Protection

Regardless of where you stay, the weather changes will happen regularly. Since RVs are already an expensive investment, you need to make good use of them. However, harsh weather conditions like rain, storms, hail, snow, strong heat, etc. will damage your vehicle. The UV rays can damage the seals, which will help protect them from water damage. Replacing any part of it will also be very expensive. The interiors will also benefit from the carport since extreme heat and cold will change the characteristics of the seat material. Although you cannot protect your RV while traveling, you can do so when it is at home!

2. Long-Lasting Investment

You can technically have covers for your RVs and protect them, but these are not good choices because dust collects inside. If water seeps in, mold can be formed, and it will move due to the wind. Due to this, some areas may be left unprotected; the quality of the cover will change as it is exposed to the different elements. But having a carport is a reliable way to ensure none of this happens. It is a one-time investment that will protect your vehicle for a long time.

3. Saving Up on Storage

There might be local regulations on storing the RV, and sometimes, having them in storage sheds may not be the best choice. You may be unable to protect it as you wish in storage, which might cost you a large sum. You will be motivated to take out your RV for a drive if it is in your sight, but this wouldn’t happen in a storage area. However, an RV carport easily solves these issues.

4. Customizing

If you have customized your RV to fit your needs and it has different dimensions than the usual ones, then finding covers for it won’t be easy. Even if you do, you may not be able to protect it with complete satisfaction. Yet, an RV carport can be customized, giving you more control and security over your vehicle. You can have side walls so that it is more secure and protected, which is not possible otherwise.

Cons of Having an RV Carport

Cons of Having an RV Carport

1. Good Planning Before Installing an RV Carport

Since RV carports are more or less like designing an entire garage for your huge vehicle, you must plan it well beforehand. You need to decide on a large space where you can install it. It should be easily accessible and not obstruct any aspect of your house, e.g., the water tank, gas lines, etc. If you don’t plan it properly, a huge investment can go wrong.

2. Underestimating the Budget

Since you need to design the RV carport according to your vehicle’s dimensions (height and width), the installation cost will be different. You have to pay for the materials (steel, vinyl, etc.), labor, the specific style chosen, difficulty of installation, etc. and it might not be easy to get an accurate estimate. Getting a good deal by comparing with different providers is a must.

3. Not Thinking Long Term

If you are serious about using your RV regularly, then investing in an RV carport will be a good choice. However, if you are unsure about traveling or wanting your RV for a long time, investing in a carport may not be the best idea. Think long-term before buying an RV carport.


Investing in a good camping vehicle is a dream come true for traveling fans. But the work doesn’t stop there. You need to protect your vehicle from different weather conditions, dust, infestations, etc. Therefore, you need to figure out a solution for parking and protection.

Having an RV carport solves your problems as it will offer year-long protection and can save you money in the long run. However, you need to plan well before installing one where you need to check the dimensions and have a large, open space for it. Think well before you invest!

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